Clek Cleaning Kit

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The ultimate for cleaning Clek car seat fabrics and removing even the most stubborn crayon stain (really, crayon? Yes... don't ask.. children).

Please note: Time frames for Clek deliveries vary based on your order, please call us if time-sensitive to confirm prior to purchase.

Parents Love:

  • Having a solution for those stubborn stains. Because you spent good money on a car seat and having to buy a new one is not high on your agenda.
  • Ideal for Crypton Fabrics, but will work well on any water-cleanable fabrics.
  • Crypton for Clek Green and Pink will remove almost any stain imaginable — grease, grass, crayon…anything.
  • The cleaning solutions are also eco-friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals, bleach or solvents.
  • Clek Green cleans food, beverage, protein, chocolate, tea, grass, mildew, mustard, ketchup, coffee, blood, milk, butter, vomit, jelly, vegetable oil and much more.
  • Clek Pink cleans grease, ink, crayon, red drinks, lipstick, cosmetics, iodine, blood, sun block, shoe polish and much more.

What's included in the Clek Cleaning Kit?

  • 8 oz Crypton for Clek Green.
  • 8 oz Crypton for Clek Pink.
  • Upholstery Brush Spray Attachment.
  • Tool Care Guide.