About us

We help you source safe, trusted, and beautiful things for your baby

How much time do you spend worrying, researching, Facebook group questioning, and otherwise stressing about the choices you have to make for your little one? The answer: too much time. We’ve been there. It’s exhausting wondering about every single thing “Is this safe?” “Have we got this right?”

Our local and online shop helps you source safe, trusted, and beautiful things for your baby, so you can spend less time worrying about what you need and more time celebrating your new arrival.

We are also Child Restraint Technicians (read “certified car seat geeks”) so we can help ensure your car seat is correctly fitted and safe for your little one.

Your friendly local baby shop

Baby Box is the one of the friendliest baby stores in New Zealand. Our range is carefully curated for both parents and babies, with a wide range of products including eco-friendly and cost-saving items like cloth nappies.

In store you will also find health and safety items, cots and nursery furniture, cot or bassinet bedding, strollers, baby carriers, toys, clothing, gifts, high chairs and feeding items, breastfeeding essentials, natural products, and loads more!

As parents ourselves, our store is all about whanau (family). Our customers are our reason for being, and we consider them friends and want to help them enjoy this special time in their life. Outstanding, practical, and personal service is one of our most impressive qualities. Our team will go out of the way to ensure you feel comfortable in store, and are able to interact with us easily on Facebook, Facebook messenger, Instagram, by email, or by phone.

We also offer exceptional product knowledge and our highly trained sales consultants can answer any questions you may have. We will help you with what to expect, what to do with a product (even things you've never heard of before like breast pumps), what to buy (our checklist makes this really easy by breaking it down into what is essential for a new baby and what is "nice to have"), and more!

With years of experience, we will help guide you through the product choices available, making sure you select the right products and brands for your lifestyle.

The safety of your baby is of the utmost importance to Baby Box, therefore we stock only the most trusted baby brands including Bumbleride, Edwards & Co, Maxi Cosi, Quinny, Safety First, Clek, Touchwood, Haakaa, Close Pop-in, Bambeado, and many more! We also offer car seats for hire, for the convenience of our customers.

Come shop with us today! We are located at 18 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu, Wellington, and online.

Why did we start our baby shop?

We started our business for a whole mess of reasons, but mainly because we found it hard to get good quality advice locally when purchasing items like car seats, cots, and bottles for our babies. We thought "wouldn't it be cool if we could have a mum BFF talk us through everything?". So we decided we'd be that service.

Who runs Baby Box?

Key to everything is our manager Nicklyn. She began her career working for New Zealand’s largest retailer of specialist baby products. She can talk for hours about car seats, strollers, and all things babies.

"One thing that's surprised me as we've built our brand is how much we actually do help families live better lives. We've made things like cloth nappies more normal in our community, and have helped so many parents with car seat installs." - Nicklyn

Nicklyn’s first job taught her a lot about what families look for, but also a lot about what Big Retailers don’t offer. She has her own goals for Baby Box and is passionate about stocking products which are good quality, safe, beautiful, and eco-friendly where possible.

"Since deciding to open Baby Box, we've built a welcoming local and online shop for parents. I'm proud of the fact that in everything we do, we think of our customers and their needs first," says Nicklyn, "For example I worked with our landlord to ensure the shop was physically accessible for parents with strollers, and we pitched our brand to suppliers in order to secure the best products."

A mum herself, Nicklyn believes parents save money when they purchase quality products from go. She especially loves those that she KNOWS will make life easier for parents. 

Her favourite thing to help parents with is car seats, and she insisted that everyone in the store train and be registered as Child Restraint Technicians. "It's now got to the point where other car seat retailers send people to us for installations," she explains.

Who else is involved in Baby Box?

The owners of Baby Box are Nicklyn, Nat and Lex. We're all passionate about supporting parents and love bringing new products to our customers. This is a passion our staff also share.

As parents to three cool kids, Nat and Lex found it hard to source quality baby products locally. They spoke to loads of other mums and dads who felt the same: that Kāpiti was a great place to raise a family, yet support for parents from local retailers was lacking. They thought there must be a better way.

The idea for a baby shop was formed, but went on the "one day" pile until Nicklyn came on board. With Nicklyn driving things, we were able to take action and build a sweet local and online shop for babies and their people. "It's been an adventure for sure, and the shop has become our other baby. It's certainly required a lot of TLC!" Says Nat, "For me, the biggest thing I've learnt is that, much like with human babies, life is easier in business when you work together."

"I love that through our shop we're able to help parents navigate this time in their life where the whole world flips, and that the shop has that welcoming and supportive feel when you come in." - Nat.

A supportive ethos is reflected through additional offerings like Baby Box's free essentials' checklist for new parents and our blog, which provides free and useful information for parents on topics like car seat safety and product guides to help parents pick the best products for their family and lifestyle.

If we could change one thing in the world, we would make sure every parent had the support they needed to build an epic life for their kiddos. Because that Kiwi kid lifestyle can be pretty sweet.

As Lex puts it "It all comes back to family, and providing the best for them. I think that's what our shop tries to do by stocking only brands we know are safe and of a good quality - like Touchwood cots or Maxi-Cosi car seats."

When we’re not working, the Baby Box team spend our time with our own families. Nicklyn is Lex's sister, so all of our kids are pretty close. It's a lot of fun.

And when we are working, we’re lucky enough to have a family friendly work environment. Don’t be too surprised if one of the children tries to serve you – they often pop into the shop to check up on us!

Where next for Baby Box?

Ultimately, our goal with Baby Box is for customers to walk away and say “That was awesome! I can’t wait to tell my mum friends!” You can read more about the precise awesomeness we're striving for here.

This means we're striving to:

  • Find cool new products, constantly,
  • Streamline how we serve our customers, always innovating so that our customers receive the best and friendliest service,
  • Support education for parents on the products they need, so there's less waste as parents buy right first time every time, and 
  • Build a community for local parents.

Now that’s enough “About Us”. Let’s make this about you. Come in store and say “hello”, and tell us about your baby. Better yet, bring your baby with you – everyone here loves babies.