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Our mission is for you to walk out of our store (or checkout on the website) feeling confident in your choice, satisfied your child is safe, and happy you found something cute or amazing for your family.

You deserve to feel successful because you love your family. We aren't here to judge you or to make decisions for you. Instead, we're here to help you through the options available in baby gear so that you can find the exact right thing.

So stop feeling stressed, and start having fun! Come play in store with us if you're local (testing products can be a lot of fun), buy from us, and enjoy our excellent post-purchase support and the benefits of our amazing loyalty program!

We love babies

Sometimes new parents feel stressed or overwhelmed when shopping baby gear so at Baby Box we strive to make the experience fun, and why wouldn't we? We love babies and we love baby gear!

Family owned and focussed

We are parents too, which means we see you, we hear you, we understand, and we want to help you with the questions you have so that you can find the baby gear that best suits your whanau.

Car seat technicians

We're car seat techs which means we can help you feel confident selecting and installing a car seat. Here's a pic of us helping Plunket & Police check seats for a local kindy (if you're a daycare centre interested in something like this please reach out).

We'll help you save $$$

Most parents buy baby gear, just to re-buy the same things again (strollers are a biggie!). It doesn't have to be that way - let us help you find what you really need first time every time. Sometimes it pays to invest in better quality products that won't disappoint.

Our customer's views

Went into Baby Box on a Saturday afternoon about an hour ish before closing. The lady who served me was so patient and friendly. I am a first time mum, overwhelmed with pram options. I wanted to check out the Edwards and Co pram and Baby Box are the only local stockist. I got all the right information. I was able to push around the store and compare to other prams in store. All my 21 qs were answered.

Aleesha W

Hi there

I'm Nat, mum of 3 and owner of Baby Box. I was 18 when I first fell pregnant and shopping was a challenge - we were on a budget and I was worried I'd forget something essential. Years later with my third child, I was looking forward to being able to spend all my money on cute baby things. But there was no local baby store where we lived. We created Baby Box because shopping for a new baby shouldn't be overwhelming, like it was when I was 18. It also shouldn't be underwhelming, like it was when I was 27. So let's have fun!