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Our Favourite Baby Nursery Tours

Our Favourite Baby Nursery Tours

I love nursery tours - they provide great inspiration if you're expecting, and are just fun. There's a reason why "MTV Cribs" is a thing, right? Today we've compiled a number of our favourite Youtube videos into one place, to help inspire you as you set up the nursery!

Joy's Twin Boy Nursery

I like how she's lined up the two cots along one wall - great way to save space! (To maximise storage I'd also recommend getting a cot with a draw underneath, like the Touchwood cots with an added drawer unit). The decals on the wall are also a great low cost option to brighten up your nursery. 

Arlo's Little Baby Boy Nursery

I love how they have re-used items from their previous child's nursery in Arlo's room. And of course the animals and wooden toys everywhere! Her Marie Kondo style draw organisation is also amazing. The vertical method would be an awesome way to store cloth nappies like the Close Pop-in Reuseable Range.

Angela's Baby Girl Nursery

Details that we found useful in this tour include her strategic use of a book shelf to store not just the books, but also baby accessories and so many toys with the use of baskets to keep it tidy. So easy to copy! In addition, the fact she has a cot that converts into a toddler bed is genius. There are many brands that enable this here in NZ - talk to our team about options like the 5 in 1 Babyhood Riya Cot!

 Lauren's Nursery Tour

This one is quite a small space, but you don't realise it due to how it's set up. Small things like having a mirror above the change table help increase the light and feeling of space. By adding peel and stick decal wallpaper, and curtains, there's a lot of personality in the space and the best part is it won't ruin the walls so it's perfect for renters. 

Jessica's Organised Nursery

Watch this for sure if you have an Isabella Bow addiction! We love how she's used simple low cost storage in the wardrobe to contain and organise all her headbands and bows. She's also used vertical storage in the drawers to maximise space. Vertically organising things is a great tip for both clothing, and also cloth nappies if you go that way.

What's your favourite nursery tour youtube video? Or have you filmed your nursery? Share below! We'd love to have a wee nosy.

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