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Touchwood Cot Drawer

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This product is an Addition to the Touchwood cot - does not include Cot.

Not sure where to fit all your baby's things? Maximise your storage by adding a drawer onto your Touchwood cot.

The Cot Drawer is a superb feature for any Cot, ideal for extra storage and designed to maximise space in your baby's nursery. 

The Cot Drawer can be even be used when your Cot has been converted into a Sofa. 

Why choose a Touchwood?

Two reasons: Safety + Craftmanship

Touchwood was originally founded in 1988 when 2 soon-to-be dads and furniture-makers found there were no well-designed, well-built nursery cots in New Zealand at the time. Thankfully for Kiwi parents, they solved that problem with classic ingenuity.

One of the first companies to have their cots fully tested for compliance with NZ and Australian standards, Touchwood put safety at the centre of their design and quality control processes.

Please note:

  • You cannot attached a Junior Bed End attachment onto a Cot that has a Cot Drawer installed. This is because the fittings used by the Cot Drawer will now be used by the Junior Bed End Attachment.
  • Cot Drawers will also need to be purchased at the same time when purchasing your cot, as they are manufactured and fitted together.
  • There is a wait if you want a cot drawer, as the drawer needs to be manufactured with the cot. We will facilitate this for you but it may take a few weeks.


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