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5 Stylish Holiday Maternity Outfit Ideas

5 Stylish Holiday Maternity Outfit Ideas

Dressing for the party season is always a minefield, times two if you're a pregnant mama! We've put together some simple ideas to help carry you through. 

1. Be like Kim Kardashian and throw a trench on it

Images sourced from Pinterest

This works well over an a simple outfit (like maternity jeans and a maternity t-shirt), or over a dress. However! It may be hot during a Kiwi summer - so is recommended for evening get togethers!

2. Go for a shift dress like Meghan Markle 

Image Source: Hello Magazine

Easy and breezy, a dress like this is pretty easy to find even in the non-maternity sections of the store, and with some awesome shoes you'll look fly as hell. 

 3. Invest in a "Look at Me" pretty maternity dress

I love ASOS for stand out maternity wear, designed to really emphasise those curves and make others want to be pregnant - like the True Violet Maternity Dress featured here!

 4. Embrace ruching like Chrissy Teigan

Image Source:

I am a big fan of ruching on dresses and skirts simply because when you're pregnant, you look totally amazing, and when you're post-natal, they're super forgiving.

5. Go for a flowy maxi like Ciara

Image Source: Hip Hop NC

A Maxi dress is a great option, pregnant or not, for everything from family barbecues, to summer weddings. Depending on the cut of the dress, you may also not need to shop the "maternity" section specifically.

We hope this helps inspire you! We'd love to see how you style your bump. Tag us over on instagram @babyboxkapiti  

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