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Unimom Breast Milk Storage Bottles (3 Pack) Blue

by Unimom
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BREASTMILK!! Haha, did that get your attention? Breastmilk storage isn't sexy, but it's important. Your life giving and carefully expressed milk needs to be stored safely and effectively.

Available as a 3 pack, these BPA free bottles from Unimom will catch your freshly expressed breast milk, enabling you to seal and store with no fuss.

Things parents love about the unimom breast milk storage bottles:

  • That these bottles are freezer and hot temperature safe, so that you can freeze your milk to keep it for longer, or can heat them up in hot water to just the right temparature.
  • The bottles are BPA free, Phalate free and Lead free.
  • This is important for your peace of mind. That these bottles are strong and long lasting - a worthwhile investment.
  • That the bottles are made from high quality polypropylene plastic which will retain the beneficial properties of your breast milk for the longest duration possible.
  • Can be washed, steralised, and re-used.

Details: Each bottle can hold 150ml of milk and has a specially designed sealing disk to stop leakage, making them ideal for transporting milk.

Note that Unimom do not have teats but any standard narrow neck teat will fit their bottles.

How long can you keep your breastmilk? The Ministry of Health provides guidelines which you can follow to ensure you are storing breastmilk correctly and for the right amount of time. Ask your midwife or Plunket nurse for the most up-to-date guidelines.

Given how much time and effort goes into making breastmilk, we think you owe it to yourself and your baby to ensure you are storing it safely and effectively.

The Unimom storage bottles give you the confidence of knowing your milk is stored safely.

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