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Diono - Grip It

by Diono
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Get a grip on car seat slip! Super gripping top and bottom surfaces help prevent Diono safety seats from slipping and sliding for a more secure feel. The cushioned, full seat design provides complete protection against scratches and scrapes. Perfect for leather or cloth interiors!

Disclaimer All care has been taken in ensuring safe manufacture of this product however, injury or damage that may occur, due to the misuse or incorrect fitting of this product will not be accepted as the responsibility of the supplier or manufacturer. Please refer to your car seat manual or contact the manufacturer to ensure warranty while using this product.

Can you use the Diono Grip It with isofix or latch? 

Yes, the Diono Grip It can be used with the isofix / latch installed car seats.

What is the difference between the Diono Grip It and the Diono Ultra Mat?

The Diono Grip It and the Diono Ultra Mat are different in the following ways:

1. The Ultra Mat is designed to completely protect car upholstery from scratches or dents caused by a rear or forward facing car seat. It does this with "Pentalock technology" - basically 5 layers all sewn carefully together to protect against any dent or scratch to your vehicle seat . The Grip It is not designed to provide that level of protection for the vehicle seat but is still going to offer some protection.

2. The Grip It is designed to hold / grip top and bottom surfaces. This prevents car seats from sliding around. This can be important depending on the car you drive and the style of upholstery. For example on leather seats your Grip It will offer some tack to help keep your car seat still.

3. The Ultra Mat has a pocket for your child's books, toys, nappies, or whatever, so you can securely tote their gear with you too.

If you are unsure which product would suit your needs best please call us on 04 498 6404 or email us at to discuss or visit the store to talk to one of our child restraint technicians.

Can you use the Diono Grip It as a kick mat?

You can use the Diono Grip It to help prevent shoe prints on the back seat from rear facing children because the Diono Grip It is washable.

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