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Chicco Hydrogel Soothing Breastfeeding Pads - 6 Pack

by Chicco
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Chicco Hydrogel Soothing Breastfeeding Pads alleviate pain, sooth, refresh,  and protect the nipple and areola, allowing you to continue breastfeeding.

Use from the first signs of reddening for pain, swelling, and sensitivity. The Hydrogel Pads help you prevent irritation or nipple lacerations and help your skin stay moisturised and supple.

In case of skin break, the hydrogel offers ideal conditions favourable to healing, and assist in reducing the proliferation of bacteria.

  • Aid skin recovery and help maintain skin condition.
  • Support healing.
  • Form protective cushion for sensitive or sore nipples.
  • Specially formulated to cool skin on contact.
  • Sterile and individually wrapped.
  • Non-Toxic.

When should I use Hydrogel Pads,  before or after breastfeeding?

We recommend directly after feeding, to help sooth irritated nipples.

How long should I keep a Hydrogel Pad on my breast?

Ideally 30 minutes, but at least 10 minutes and at most 1 hour.

How many times can I use one Hydrogel Pad?

These are single use items. Dispose of after use, for hygienic reasons.

If my baby swallows the gel from the Hydrogel Pad, is this dangerous?

No, the gel is safe for baby. 

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