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Boppy - Total Body Maternity Pillow - Modern Geo

by Boppy
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The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Maternity Pillow has been developed in collaboration with physiotherapists to ensure excellent body support and promote lateral position. 

Created by a mother, this pillow is designed with your comfort in mind. Small enough to fit in a rocking chair while nursing or bottle feeding, but large enough to give the lift you and baby need. You can place the pillow around your front or side waist to get the best support for your feeding style: cradle, cross cradle, football hold or bottle feeding.

The pillow consists of three pieces that can be adjusted for the perfect combination to suit every need. It offers total support to promote peaceful rest and allows mum to be comfortable during the different stages of her pregnancy. 

The modular and flexible design makes it adaptable to various requirements of support that vary during pregnancy. Knee and ankle support allows for a correct position to be maintained. Only knee support, without ankle support, can create a leverage point that may create discomfort during pregnancy. 

The Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow ergonomically supports you while nursing or bottle feeding. Versatile to grow and support baby during supervised awake time through first year milestones. Feeding (0+ months), propping (3+ months), tummy time (6+ months) and sitting (9+ months).

The Total Body pillow is completely washable for maximum hygiene.



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