Baby Box Rental Terms and Conditions

Baby Box hires car seats and other baby products - read our terms and conditions below!

When you hire a product from Baby Box, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read these carefully, and do not proceed with a hire if there is anything here you do not want to agree to.

What do you get?

You get to use the hired product for personal use, for the time you have paid for.

If you return the hired product on or before the due date, and it is in good condition, you get your bond back.

If you hire a car seat, you also get:

  • Free installations from a qualified Child Restraint Technician at Baby Box (read more here).
  • You can have your seat checked and re-installed during the hire period at no extra charge. Call us or pop in to arrange a suitable time for this. 
  • If you are in a car accident, and a Baby Box Child Restraint Technician considers the car seat should be replaced, we will replace it at no extra charge.

What do we get?

You agree that Baby Box will be paid the full term of the hire contracted for (even if the product is returned early).

We get the product back on or before the due date, in good and complete condition. This means any included infant inserts, locking clips, or sun shades are also returned.

Check before you hire

You are responsible for ensuring that the product is fit for your intended use.

For car seats, this means you need to make sure that the car seat fits your car and that your child fits the car seat, prior to ordering the rental car seat.

If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss prior to hiring. We are happy for you to check products in store to make sure they work for you, before you hire them.


We take a refundable bond from you when you collect your product. This is paid back when you return the product on time.

Baby Box reserves the right to deduct money from your bond if the car seat is not in an acceptable condition or is returned late.

Accidents and Damage


You agree to notify Baby Box as soon as possible if:

  1. The vehicle in which one of Baby Box’s rental car seats is installed is involved in any form of car accident, or
  2. There are any issues with a rental car seat.

This will enable Baby Box to evaluate the condition of the car seat for your continued use and/or future rentals.

If our Child Restraint Technician considers that the car seat is not safe for continued use Baby Box will replace the rental car seat at no extra charge.

You agree to supply any documents requested by Baby Box in the event one of our rental products is involved in an accident (for example, copies of any police report).

Damage, with the exception of fair wear and tear, may result, at Baby Box’s discretion, in your bond not being returned to you (whether in whole or a partial return). 

How we calculate a "month"

To keep things simple, a month is a calendar month. 


It is your responsibility to return the product at your own cost and by the return date.

Hires are excluded from our usual returns policy, that is, we do not accept “change of mind” returns for hires. However, we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

We have other customers waiting on our hire products, so we really do appreciate it when you comply with the return date agreed to.

If you are late to return a product, you agree that an additional daily charge (consisting of the pro rata monthly stated fee) will apply for each day or part day that the product is not returned to Baby Box past the agreed return date.

If the product is not returned and you have not contacted us about it within a month of the due date, then we reserve the right to initiate legal action against you and/or report the product as stolen. Before taking such action, we will attempt to contact you on the numbers or email addresses you provide to us.

What happens if you never complete your booking?

Our system allows you to reserve your booking online by paying the hire fee. When you come and collect the seat, that's when you're charged the bond and sign the final contract.

If you don't come in to complete the process, you will still be charged for the booking fee. We will call or email you to encourage you to come in and either complete the process or process a return.

If you do choose to process a return, a $20 administrative charge, plus the daily rate for any days used (based on a one month hire rate divided by 30), will be deducted from the amount paid.

No commercial use

In hiring from Baby Box, you agree that the product will not be used for commercial purposes.

Acknowledgement of risk

In hiring from Baby Box, to the greatest extent allowed by law, you acknowledge and agree that Baby Box is not responsible for any injury associated with use or misuse of the product. Rent and use is at your own risk.

If you have any questions, please ensure these are answered before proceeding with the hire. Baby Box is also available by chat, email, or telephone should you, or any other users of the product, have further questions.