Car Seat Safety

We are proud to have qualified Child Restraint Technicians on hand to help ensure your car seat is installed correctly and you know how to use it properly. 

This is a free service for customers who buy car seats from us, however we will also install car seats bought from other retailers for a small $30 fee.

The most important thing you can do to keep your baby or young child safe in a car is ensure they use an age-appropriate restraint or car seat. Make no mistake, by simply using a car seat, you have already dramatically increased the likelihood your child will survive a serious accident.

If that restraint is also current, fits your child correctly, and is installed correctly, then your child is even safer. That's where we can assist, both in selecting the best restraint for your child and your car, and in ensuring you know how to install it and can drive away confident that your little one is as safe as possible.

When purchasing or hiring a car seat we recommend that you consider:

  • Whether the car seat complies with current legislation and safety standards;
  • The safety of your child, with rear facing recommended if possible;
  • The comfort of your child, who will likely spend a lot of time in the seat;
  • The make and model of the car seat, taking into account any expiry date and the length of time you wish to use the car seat for;
  • Your car, and the configuration of your backseat (3 across is a common challenge, and some seats fit certain vehicles better); and
  • Your confidence in installing the car seat, as well as the confidence of other drivers or carers in using the car seat correctly.

Come in store or check out our car seats online today for answers to your car seat questions. We also have a dedicated email address for car seat issues:

Our registered Child Restraint Technicians


Nicklyn loves helping mums and dads understand the ins and outs of different seats. In addition to her CRT training, Nicklyn has received product specific training in most brands of car seats directly from the distributors. This is because she used to work for New Zealand’s largest car seat retailer. We are so lucky to have her and her experience at Baby Box.


Kirsty loves helping ensure babies have safely installed car seats. As a mum, Kirsty wanted to know everything about car seats, so much so that she decided to train to be an independent CRT. She then helped Plunket run check points and ensure kids had safely installed seats. We are pleased to now have her passion and experience available at Baby Box. 


A Kāpiti Plunket session on car seats was eye opening for Nat. As a mum of three, she had no idea just how important the details were with car seats. It freaked her out to think that her children may not have always been as safe as they could have been. Now she’s a fully qualified CRT, she’s keen to ensure that parents get the right advice at the right time, without judgement. 


As a Dad, Lex helps other men (and women) feel comfortable and confident installing car seats. He has a practical mind and easy going nature. We are so lucky to have a CRT at Baby Box who can get Dads and Granddads on board with installing car seats correctly.