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The Ultimate Holiday Stroller Comparison Guide: Edwards & Co Otto, Mountain Buggy Nano, or GB Pockit Plus...

The Ultimate Holiday Stroller Comparison Guide: Edwards & Co Otto, Mountain Buggy Nano, or GB Pockit Plus...

Help! You've heard of the Edwards & Co Otto, the Mountain Buggy Nano, and the GB Pockit Plus - but it's all getting a bit confusing. 

We can help... this blog post covers key features and benefits so you can quickly decide which holiday stroller work best for you.

What do you need in a travel stroller?

We are going to assume the following:

  • You want it to be able to be folded up and taken as carry-on luggage, for exotic trips to places such as Paris or Tokyo
  • You want to use it on and off public transport, so the easier to fold the better
  • You care about baby's comfort too - because a crying child totally does not make for a relaxing holiday experience!

There are sure a lot of options for you nowadays! Gone are the days where your only option was an umbrella stroller (which can be difficult to push, and isn't the easiest fit in overhead compartments).

This blog post is going to therefore go into detail on the most popular options on the New Zealand market at the moment and compare them so YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND ALL DAY ON THE INTERNET.

Edwards & Co Otto, $399

The good:

  • Beautiful colours and modern design
  • Super easy compact fold
  • Fits into overhead compartments on planes
  • Safe 5 point harness and easy foot brake
  • EVA tyres so no punctures
  • Lies flat for newborns or sleeping tots
  • Tall seat back for older children and weight limit of 20kg (same as a heavy-duty everyday stroller)
  • Generous sunshade and ventilated back for baby's comfort in hot climates
  • Comes with free travel bag with a good shoulder strap
  • Has zippered pocket for parents and a storage basket under the seat
  • With glass-filled nylon hinges and a fully welded aluminium frame, Otto does not compromise strength
  • He's under 7kgs

Reviews of Edward & Co's Otto travel stroller:

There aren't a lot of reviews out yet on Otto, because he's literally only been available for a few weeks! However, we gathered the following for you guys:

  • "You know you’re onto a winner when a pram can be tagged as carry-on luggage. The Edwards & Co Otto is a super compact stroller that folds small enough to fit as your carry-on luggage on a plane. Fantastic for all the kids, the Otto has a built in lie-flat seat certified for newborns to 20kg tots. The only pram you need for the whole family when on holiday!" - Mum Central
  • "I definitely recommend the Edwards & Co Otto. I like that it has support connecting the back two wheels which stops them from buckling/leaning so is a lot sturdier than others I've seen" - Parent Reviewer
  • "Seriously our car is packed hahaha and Reign's new pram literally fits right beside him (between the back seat and front seat)" @summer_brons Instagram review

The not-so-good:

  • He's not the smallest and most compact of this line up (although he will fit in the overhead compartment on a plane)
  • He's the heaviest of the three featured here
  • Not convertible to a travel system with capsule


Mountain Buggy Nano, $399

The good:

  • Nice fun colours and design
  • Safe 5 point harness
  • Easy foot brake
  • EVA tyres for a smooth push
  • Nice pop up and compact fold
  • Nice and light - 5.9kgs / 13lbs
  • Nice and small - width being 56cm / 22"
  • Compatible with a capsule when used with adapters
  • Carries the heavy toddlers with a maximum load of 20kgs / 44lbs
  • Recommended by parents as a durable option

Review of the Mountain Buggy Nano:

"We bought the Nano for going overseas but once we got home it became our regular pram. We ended up selling our bigger buggy as wasn't used anymore. Nano holds our chunky 2 year old well!" - Parent Reviewer

The not-so-good:

  • It's a little short, which may be a problem for tall mums and dads
  • Doesn't lie totally flat for newborns or holiday naps
  • The fold may take some practice
  • If travelling a lot, the option of having newborn baby in a capsule on the stroller is not ideal - babies should not stay in their capsules for extended periods

GB Pockit  or GB Pockit Plus, $399

The good:

  • Super duper small fold, which is pretty easy - the world's most compact
  • Super duper light - the plus is just 5.6 kg
  • Good shoulder bag for the plane etc
  • Pockit plus can be used as a travel system with adapters and a capsule
  • Pockit plus can have a carrycot attachment put on it

Review of the GB Pockit:

"We have the GB pockit and it folds up so so tiny which is great to carry as well. Downside is the storage underneath basically fits a phone, drink bottle, wallets etc - not much room which means we still carried a backpack with baby stuff in it." - Parent Reviewer

The not-so-good:

  • Lacks storage space, the basket is pretty little (although in fairness, none of the holiday strollers have a huge amount of storage)
  • Not as durable in construction as the Otto or Nano
  • Not a lot of sun protection from the shade (the original is worse than the plus though)
  • Not much recline - none on the Pockit but some on the Plus
  • May be a bit short for taller parents
  • For newborns you have to use the adapter and a car seat - which is not recommended for longer trips - or buy the additional carrycot attachment for the GB Pockit Plus 

The bottom line: We like Otto

For compactness, GB Pockit wins. For the ability to use it as an every day travel system, including being able to put a capsule on the frame, Nano wins. But for us, the most important factor is the comfort of the child and the parent and on that front we think Otto is the clear winner.

What we like most is how Otto lies flat for newborns and for sleeps in airports but he's also big enough for Nat's 5 year old to sit in (yup we actually tested this and she found it totally hilarious). We also think he has the features you need on holiday, like the quick fold. For us getting the stroller up and into the overhead compartment quickly, while there's a line forming behind you on the plane, seems like good common sense. And we loved the additional sun protection and ventilation to keep baby comfy. 

For those reasons we think Otto's design will make life easier for parents, so he's our favourite and is an option we've chosen to stock here at Baby Box. In saying this we do encourage you to make the time to check them all out in stores if you can. Go on and have a play, and see what you think for yourself. 

Do you have a favourite?

We would love to know if this article has helped you in any way. Drop us a comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

Or, check out the Otto in more detail here.


Note: All prices current November 2018, excludes time-limited discount offers or special offers from retailers.

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Baby Box - September 19, 2019

Hi Hans! Thanks for your question – we don’t currently stock the gb pockit plus. We may in the future .

Hans - September 19, 2019

quick question just wanted to know do you have gb pockit plus?

Alana - August 24, 2019

I just bought the Otto as I know all the pros and looked at the others. Also you can get the carry cot attachment for the Otto :) so a newborn can be even more comfy

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