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Q & A with local baby sleep consults Olivia and Linley from Baby Sleep Coach NZ

Q & A with local baby sleep consults Olivia and Linley from Baby Sleep Coach NZ

We recently hosted a Live Q & A with Olivia and Linley from Baby Sleep Coach NZ. It was a super interesting discussion, canvassing ways we can best support new parents, the lack of community support nowadays, sleep habits and good sleep hygiene, how lack of sleep impacts the brain, and how Olivia, Linley and Pippa started up their business.

You can watch the Live Replay on Instagram here: 


When should you hire a sleep coach?

You can hire a sleep coach at any point in your journey, but especially when you feel like you just need a bit of extra support in helping your child settle. Olivia and Linley work with newborns through to children around 5 years old.

What are some general best practices when it comes to baby sleep?

Basically, you want to allow time for baby to sleep - they need a lot of rest and having a familiar sleep environment is important. That doesn't mean you won't leave the house ever. You can put baby to sleep in a carrier or in their stroller.  When baby is sleeping in their stroller you might want to use a sun cover for shade (making sure ventilation around baby is good).

Darkness also helps support sleep. Black out blinds can be a blessing. Ideally you'll want to keep baby's room around 18-20 degrees centigrade. You can monitor the temperature with your heater, a room thermometer, or your baby monitor if it has that function.

What's the go on White Noise Machines?

White noise machines are optional. It's up to parents whether they want to use one or not. However, if you do use one, it may cause baby to form a sleep habit around it. The same goes for dummies. If you habitually give this to baby to assist them in falling to sleep, they may struggle to sleep without it. But if it works, and you're okay with them having that simple aid, then do what works.

Is it okay to nurse baby to sleep?

Yes it is okay as long as that's okay with you! Linley suggested that this could be quite demanding on the breastfeeding parent, and to consider whether you want baby to have that sleep-association in place. Some parents love to nurse baby to sleep and that's what works for them.

However, from a practical perspective, it may make sense to have other sleep triggers in place especially if you cannot continue to support nursing to sleep as you return to the workforce.

What's your approach with new parents?

Olivia and Linley take a consultative / coaching approach. You're the expert in your baby, they are there to help provide tools and skills to help you get the best sleep you can.

Baby Sleep Coach NZ support parents in building parenting skills, and have a strong ethos and background in community service. Olivia's background is nursing, Pippa's background is teaching, and Linley is an Accredited Incredible Years Parent Program Facilitator and Strengthening Families Facilitator. 

How can I hire Olivia and Linley (and Pippa)?

Reach out on instagram or visit their website Baby Sleep Coach NZ. Linley, Olivia, and Pippa work with parents across the Kāpiti region, and also online. They can travel to your home, or work with you remotely to support you towards more restful sleep.


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