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Nesting + what to buy after the baby shower

Nesting + what to buy after the baby shower

What should you buy after the baby shower?

Have you ever asked a friend something like this: "Hey, do I need a carrier for my baby?" or "Heya, um, is it essential to buy a breast pump?" If so, I'll bet you're either in that nesting phase of pregnancy or you're reminiscing (as you stare at that absolutely useless thing you spent good money on). 

After my sister had her baby shower she switched into full nesting mode. Every ten minutes (exaggeration) she was texting “Do I need a ...” and I was replying “no, you do not need a ...”. This is how you start to become part of the parenting community.

It's really hard for new parents

One of the problems with there being so many cute things for babies (and hey we have to hold our hands up and cry guilty for wanting them too) is that you become overwhelmed with choice and start either going bankrupt spending money on all-the-things, or worse you guilt yourself about how you are so under-prepared because you don’t have everything.

You aren't under-prepared: You have everything you need already

Do you know what every baby needs? Love. And the fact that you're reading this means YOU LOVE YOUR BABY. That's so cool!

If this is your first baby, and you are in full nesting mode, it is important to remember right at the outset that you don't need to have everything all at once. Nor do you need to buy absolutely everything you can.

What do we recommend, to make things easier? 

There are some things every baby needs, like a safe sleep space, blankets, clothes to go home in, and a car seat.

There are other things that just make life easier for you. Like baby monitors or baby baths.

At Baby Box our recommendation is to focus first on the necessities for a baby just out of hospital. You can come back when you get to the three month stage, once you know your baby and your parenting style a little better.

But what exactly?


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