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How to get the perfect fit in reuseable swim nappies

How to get the perfect fit in reuseable swim nappies

Every child is different and unique. Some are chubby, some are slim. That's why it's hard to get the perfect fit when it comes to reuseable swim nappies. This page covers how to get the perfect fit in reuseable swim nappies, specifically the Close Pop-in Reuseable Swim Nappies.

Measure Your Child

You will want either a string and a ruler, or dressmaker's measuring tape. Take a measurement around the waist just under the belly button. Take another measurement around the top of the leg. The reason for this is that, it's the snugness that counts. Too snug, and you won't be able to pull them on. Too loose, and they lose their functionality.

Select The Best Swim Nappy Size

Then compare their measurements to this:

 Size Leg Waist Length
medium 24 cm 41 cm 20 cm
large 29 cm 44 cm 21 cm
XL 32 cm 47 cm 22 cm
2XL 37 cm 52 cm 27 cm


Select The Best Rash Top Size

Usually, but not always, the nappy and rash top sizing matches. However, here are the approximate sizes in the rash tops:

 Size Age
medium 6-12 months
large 12-18 months
XL 18-24 months
2XL 2-3 years


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