How much time should your child spend in a booster seat?

How much time should your child spend in a booster seat?

True or false: your child will likely be in a booster seat for at least as long, if not longer, than a harnessed car seat?

This means, it’s worth taking the time to learn about boosters.

Boosters position the adult-sized seat belt correctly across your child’s body. This means:

💜  Lap belt low on your child’s hips, contacting hips and thighs
💜  Shoulder belt across the collarbone (not neck!)

Why is this important? Positioning the belt here, puts the seat belt across stronger bones. In an accident, these can withstand more force than other, softer areas of a child’s body.

NZ law states a child must use a child restraint until 7 years old. But it is safer for them to use one until they reach a height where the seat belt sits properly.

This means your child may use a booster until 10-12 years old. It’s normal, it’s safe, and that’s what my kids will be doing too.

The injuries caused by a seat belt on the neck or abdomen can be severe and long-lasting.

Send me a message via the website if you’d like to review your child’s options in boosters together - Nat

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