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Cloth nappies can be easy! Here's how:

Cloth nappies can be easy! Here's how:

A lot of people linger at the Big Box of cloth nappies in store. They are better for the environment, sure. They are cheaper over time, sure. But are they for you?

That's where a lot of parents stop and think "Yeah, but..." Because they've heard a lot of things about cloth nappies. About the washing, and the fiddliness. And they get put off. Maybe you're in that camp?

Today we want to talk about some of those "Buts". And also a little bit about those Butts. See if you can read all the way to the end of this blog post and still think "No" when you think "Cloth Nappies".

"I don't want to do more washing..."

Let me ask you - how much washing are you doing anyway? Most mums and dads I know have to do more laundry anyway with a newborn (and especially so with a toddler). It's so easy to throw another thing into the washing machine. 

And don't worry about poo. If you are changing a baby's butt, you are dealing with poo anyway. It takes the same amount of time to scrap the poo into the toilet and wrap the nappy and put it in the bin as it does to scrap the poo into the toilet and dump the cloth nappy into a bucket. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get into a new routine once you get started.

"I'm not sure how to use cloth nappies, and I don't wanna deal with mess..."

 Cloth nappies aren't all pins and folding these days. There are modern cloth nappies nowadays that work like disposables with velcro tabs to close and gusseted legs to trap moisture and poo.

Nappies also come with full instructions, and a million fans on YouTube. You can watch tutorial tips and tricks for almost every style of cloth nappy available, and learn things you didn't even know were things (like how to add extra boosters to your cloth nappy to ensure a super wee-y boy doesn't wee everything). And if you need extra help, the team at Baby Box is also on hand to assist.

"My baby is too old - if I make the switch to cloth now I won't save much money…"

Yes you will definitely make the most savings if you use reusables from Day One. But, if you have even one year left of nappies, you will save money. And if you are planning on extending your family (or gifting your collection of cloth nappies to a friend), you will save even more.

"My baby is too little- if I make the switch to cloth now they won't fit for very long..."

Actually there are a range of nappies which will adjust in size as needed. For example pop-in nappies pop out to larger sizes. Folded nappies can also be re-adjusted to the right size.

"I don't want to commit all the time (or I'm not the only one changing nappies and I don't think I can get others on board)..."

You can do cloth nappies part time. Once a week, and that's 52 nappies a year kept out of landfills. Once a day, and that's 365 nappies you haven't needed to buy or throw away. A little is a lot. Be gracious with yourself and with your family. You don't need to be incredible to be awesome.

"I don't know if my baby will be that comfortable in cloth nappies..."

Let's just think about it. Would you like to have the disposable nappy in your knickers and against your skin? Or would you prefer soft bamboo underwear? Soft breathable fabrics are a lot nicer against your baby. Especially when you consider how sometimes disposables leak gels and chemicals, and cause rashes.

"I need more money/time before I can get started with cloth nappies..."

Stop staring at the Big Box of cloth nappies. You don't need the Big Box. All you need to get started is One Nappy. One single nappy. Try it. See how you go. Why not?

Did you know that if you were able to commit to a cloth nappy once a day (and our 5 and 10 pack starter packs are great for this), you'll prevent over 900 nappies from going into landfills. That is AWESOME.


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