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Thanks for your business this January!

Thanks for your business this January!

It's the end of the month again! It's time for an APPRECIATION post to say "thanks" to everyone who has shopped at Baby Box, and record/log our achievements and journey too.

Winning with sales (thanks for your support!)

This month was our best month EVER for sales. Even better than pre-Christmas.  Things seemed to get a bit busier from around mid-January, so we're guessing that reflects locals coming back from holiday.

We're really pleased that our idea has started to gain traction and that more parents are realising they don't have to drive to Wellington to find quality products for their children. 

We've even had visitors from Wellington! Thanks guys! Customers like you make us happy. It's validation for what we're doing.

Being able to help out of towners

We also had the privilege of helping out of town visitors with a few things. That was probably a highlight this summer.

One family came in so that we could check the install of their car seat. They hired it with their rental vehicle, and it was installed for them. We had a look and unfortunately it wasn't quite right. We were so happy to be able to help ensure a correct and tight install, and mum and dad were very relieved that we could help. 

Another grandmother came in from out of town to source a baby shower gift. She found the Close Pop-in range seriously distracting, and practical. It was lovely talking to her about how she had used cotton cloth nappies on her little ones. She settled on a five pack for the baby shower and loved the gift wrapping.

We also assisted probably too many families with last minute pacifiers. Those poor babies and parents, we do feel for them during those long trips.

Our promotions

Our main focus continues to be on ensuring people actually know we exist. It's an on-going struggle for a little shop randomly located outside of the mall. But hey, we have free parking and a decent landlord. So we'll keep hustling.

Our focus this month has been to ask people how they heard about us. We've invested a lot into some radio advertising and have to say, the good ol' word of mouth and Facebook bring more people in, it seems. Mildly frustrating, but something we will have to chalk up as a learning experience.

We also ran our first big in store promotion on our Maxi-Cosi boosters. That was really fun to offer, especially right before the start of the school year.

Our giveaway

At the start of the month we gave away two sets of Close Pop-in starter packs. These were won by two lovely friends living in Christchurch, who were so grateful. It was a fantastic promotion for us as now we have over 500 likes on Facebook. We're keen to run another one shortly. Let us know in the comments if there's anything you'd especially love to win from Baby Box.

All staff are now Child Restraint Technicians

Yes you heard that right. While Kirsty is still our resident expert, Nicklyn, Nat and Lex have now completed their qualification and are registered Child Restraint Technicians as well.

Did you know it isn't a legal necessity to be a Tech to sell car seats? Many of the big chains don't bother developing their staff because of that.  At Baby Box you'll have peace of mind knowing that whoever installs your seat does it correctly and well.


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