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5 more reasons to try cloth nappies

5 more reasons to try cloth nappies

"Should I, shouldn't I??"

If you are on the fence about whether to give them a go (remembering, you only actually need to have one to try), here are five more motivating reasons to give cloth nappies a go:

1. They are seriously cute.

I know, poop and nappies aren't often found in the same sentence as cute. But for real, there are some amazing patterns and colours now-a-days. Rock your baby butt in the latest fashions and prints.

2. They are seriously soft.

Oh so gentle for baby bottoms. For example, the Close Pop-in range come with soft mink or bamboo inserts and these are so nice. Spoil your baby with them.

3. Save some moolah.

Let's say you use 6 disposable nappies a day. When I was at the supermarket the other week, the average cost of a nappy was around 60 cents for some brands (and some are even more than that). It does add up, at $3.60 a day, that's $1,314 a year. How many years will your baby be in nappies?

4. Save the planet.

Yep, 6 nappies a day. This is 6 nappies a day into a landfill. 2,190 nappies a year. 4,380 nappies in two. And this is all assuming your baby only uses 6 nappies a day. Mine have always used more than that.

5. Build street cred.

Cloth nappies can help you build your parenting street cred, whether due to your savvy stylish fashion choices, or your waste-minimal trend setting. 



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