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Viva La Vulva Birth Comb

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Did you know the Viva La Vulva birth comb can be useful for three different things!!

It is a great pain relief tool during labour!? Gripping a comb in your hand during labour can help distract you from your contraction pain (yes please) and THIS comb will also remind you that you’re a badass mama that can get through those contractions

Helping your mind and body to focus on a different area of pain, it’s a great pain management technique that we know many mamas may want to try!

This comb is also awesome for your hair, as it’s wide-tooth and great for detangling knotty post-birth hair!!

C-Section mamas, once your wound has healed and you’re ready to use our Belly Birth Scar Repair Oil, you can actually use the comb as well to rub/gently massage over the area to desensitise it first.

If the idea of touching your scar gives you the ick then you can slowly build up your tolerance by using another object such as the Viva La Vulva comb until your tolerance and sensitivity of the area improves!

So definitely do not forget to pack this bad boy in your hospital bag mamas!

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