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Unimom Forte Automatic Breast Pump

by Unimom
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If you need to express full time, the Forte from Unimom is a great investment. The Forte is also good for mums who want to return to work, and want an efficient and effective way to express breastmilk for baby.

Most of the time you don't expect to have to express a lot of milk - you expect you'll be breastfeeding. But sometimes you have to. Your baby may be premature, or you may have difficulty achieving a good latch, or you may have to travel away from your baby for work. Those times are difficult for most mums. 

The Forte can help you get through those times. It's rhythmic suction allows for an efficient let down and maximum milk supply. It's reliable motor and ability to empty both breasts at once mean you can rely on it to empty your milk for your baby.

It is designed for frequent, long-term expressing. The breast pump kit provides you with all you need for easy, comfortable, dual expressing, with a hygienic back-flow protection system. 

When it comes to the Unimom Forte, mums love:

  • That it is a hospital grade pump, designed for full time expressing.
  • That it can be used as a double pump or as a single pump, depending on your needs.
  • It mimics your baby's suction pattern and has an adjustable vaccum level, which assists with a faster let down and more comfortable pumping. This means you can pump and then get on with what you need to do. Pump sessions should take around 10 minutes. 
  • It's comfortable and easy to use.
  • The closed system ensures milk will not go into the motor, and means the pump is more hygienic.
  • It's portable and light weight and will fit in your handbag easily, allowing you to discreetly attend to your needs.
  • All components that come into contact with breast milk are BPA Free, which means your baby's milk stays safe from potentially harmful plastic chemicals.
  • Adjustable vacuum setting – enables optimum setting- wider variation of suction levels.
  • Extra long life motor and efficient piston mechanism.
  • It comes with everything you need to start expressing straight away.
  • That if you also purchase a switch kit, you can use this as a manual pump (great for emergencies and highly recommended).
  • Pair this with a breastfeeding bra or something like a hands-free bra, and you'll have free hands too which is absolutely brilliant.
  • Unimom is a well known brand, and has received great feedback and reviews from other mums.
  • Matches the quality of other top leading brands in New Zealand.

How much milk should you pump?

Breastfeeding is very, very different to formula feeding. Breastmilk is actually amazing (and so are you) because it's composition adjusts based on your specific baby's needs. We recommend using this calculator to answer the common question "am I making enough?"

The Milk Calculator

What's in the box?

  • Main body, 2 breast shields (inner diameter 24mm), 2 bottles (150ml), 2 bottle covers, 2 bottle stands, 2 air tubes, 2 caps, 2 disks, 2 valves, 2 silicon massagers.
  • Teats are not included with Unimom pumps, however any standard narrow neck teat will fit Unimom bottles.

How does this pump compare on price?

Unimom cares about keeping their pumps affordable. We price checked against other brands and found that other hospital-grade double pumps were around $499 - the Forte is almost HALF the price!

Buy now, pay later!

At Baby Box we also offer Laybuy through, which means you can purchase the pump when you need it, and pay it off over 6 weekly payments. 

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