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Silly Billyz Yellow Waterproof Overalls

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The ultimate puddle jumping item! Silly Billyz overalls are made from soft and comfortable PU making them windproof and waterproof. Adjustable shoulder straps and pop studs on the sides allow for bulky jumpers to be worn underneath the overalls and the elastic cuffs keep trouser legs in place in gumboots.

Parents love Silly Billyz Overalls because:

  • They are easy to put on or pull off, thanks to the elastic shoulder straps with clip lock closures.
  • The reflective striping increases visibility and keeps your little one safe.
  • The signature rabbit print polycotton lining keeps your little one dry and comfortable - and is super cute!

Children love Silly Billyz Overalls because:

  • Puddles. Let's just all play in puddles - alright?


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