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Safety 1st Seat Belt Locking Clip

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This locking clip prevents the seatbelt from slipping, loosening, and tightening when fed through the child restraint.

How can you tell if you need a locking clip?

If your car seat does not come with a locking clip, you may need to buy one to ensure a secure and tight install of your car-seat particularly if your seat belts do not lock.

How do locking clips work to make your car seat install safer?

Basically a locking clip can help ensure your car seat does it's job, by preventing the seat belt from moving. This means it is safer and more secure if the car suddenly stops or there is an accident.

A securely fitting belt will ensure that your baby moves less in a sudden stop, the car seat stays in place, and your baby is subsequently less likely to be harmed.

How do you use a locking clip?

For a secure fit:

1. Buckle your car seat into the car using the vehicle belt.

2. Pull any slack so the belt is nice and tight.

3. Undo the belt buckle, while firmly holding the lap/sash to ensure you have it at the right place.

4. About a half an inch from the buckle, thread the locking clip through the seat belt.

5. Ensure that facing you/up, the middle bar of the locking clip is covered by the seat belt.

6. Re-thread the seat belt through the car seat.

7. Clip into the belt buckle, you may need to get into the car and push your knee into the seat to ensure you can do this tightly.

8. Check to ensure that the seat is sitting nice and firmly, and repeat the above steps if it moves.



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