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Maxi-Cosi BackSeat Protector

Maxi-Cosi BackSeat Protector

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Love having a tidy car? But then you had a baby. Don't fret - there are solutions. The Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Protector is one of them.

The Maxi-Cosi Back Seat Protector allows you to protect the rear seats of your vehicle from damage from the car seat or ISOFIX base or from dirt from your little one's shoes when in a rear facing position. It's 6 anti-slip pads offer stability and will prevent the car seat from moving out of place.

Parents love:

  • Clean cars! #winningatlife
  • Knowing the car-seat has a bit of added grip and security (extra safety).
  • That the Back Seat Protector is itself easy to clean, just in case you have a mess to deal with.

Children love:

  • Don't be silly. Children don't even notice the Back Seat Protector.


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