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Close Pop-In Stuff Laundry Sack

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The Close Pop-in Stuff Laundry Sack is an Odour Tight bag useful for storing dirty nappies when you are on the go! Simply pop the nappies in, roll the top over, and clip it tight! Keep all the wetness and yuck in, and get on with your day. When it's home time you can pop the Laundry Sack into the washing machine.

Parents love these useful features of the Close Pop-in Stuff Laundry Sack:

  • When you need it, you can fit in a number of nappies or small clothes and simply roll and clip the top.
  • The handy clip makes it easy to attach to your stroller or to another bag.
  • That this is so handy for kindy! You can use them to transport almost anything... a wet set of clothes, dirty nappies, swimwear, toiletries or a sicky muslin or two. 
  • It's easy to use - pop what you want inside, then simply roll the top and clip, safe in the knowledge that both odour and wetness will stay locked inside until laundry time.
  • Clean it with your clothes or reuseable cloth nappies. 
Children love:
  • Using the pop-in stuff bag for their swimwear.
  • Composition: 100% polyester PU coated.

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