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Chicco Silicone Nipple Shield Medium-Large (2 Pack)

Chicco Silicone Nipple Shield Medium-Large (2 Pack)

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Chicco Silicone Nipple Shields can help breastfeeding mothers feed with comfort. 

At a glance, nipple shields:

  • Enable continued breastfeeding through challenges such as cracked nipples.
  • Assist with initial feeds when mum has a flat or inverted nipple.
  • The included box with the Chicco shields also helps keep things clean when on the move or between feeds.

A nipple shield is not a necessity and should only be bought if you have consulted with your midwife or lactation consultant and decided it is the right move to support you in your journey. We like the Chicco range because it does have a minimal design, and uses safe materials.

Unlike some on the market, the design allows space for baby's nose to be directly on the breast - minimising any interference with breastfeeding itself.


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