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Chicco- Physio Forma Micro Pacifier 0-2 months Pink

Chicco- Physio Forma Micro Pacifier 0-2 months Pink

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Chicco Physio Forma Micro Pacifiers are small, lightweight soothers designed to support a newborn's breathing. The unique shape helps position the tongue at the front of the palate. The design leaves baby's nose and chin free. The teat is made from hygienic, 100% silicone, for a natural feel and is small enough for a newborn. Clinically tested to relevant standards and orthodontically designed.

Each pack contains 2 pacifiers, and a storage box to keep the pacifier clean when on the go. You can steralise the pacifiers in the supplied box, by adding water to the indicated level and microwaving for 3 minutes at 750 watts. Wait until the water has cooled before removing the pacifiers.

Designs vary between those displayed, selection is random.

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