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Bumbleride Speed Running Stroller - PREORDER

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"The best running stroller?"

The Bumbleride Speed Running Stroller

The Bumbleride Speed Running Stroller is a purpose-built running stroller specifically engineered for you to go at your pace, but also designed with all the features you need to make this your regular stroller too.

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"The only stroller equipped with 3 modes of transport: run, walk or jog."

What do parents love about the Bumbleride Speed Running Stroller?

  • How the soft, durable fabrics made from 100% recycled PET have kept over half a million water bottles out of landfills since 2011. It’s not an option, not an upgrade; just the right thing to do.

  • That it is the only stroller available equipped with 3 modes of transport RUN. JOG. WALK because like life with little ones, you need flexibility.

  • Speed moves smoothly thanks to an all-wheel suspension, air-filled tires, and folds with ease due to a new ergonomic trigger release. Easy to put into the car boot!

  • The bassinet setting for newborns.
  • The upright setting with 5 point harness for added safety, for a bigger baby or toddler.
  • It comes with all the extras: pump for the tyres, a parent pocket, and spaces for your water bottles.

What do children love about the Bumbleride Speed Stroller?

  • The smooth ride thanks to the brilliant suspension and larger air filled tyres.
  • The UV sun shield, which extends down keeping them cool.
  • The ability to rest back or sit up nice and tall.
  • The amazing accessories like the snack pack.
  • The ventilation and soft seat keeps them comfortable.
  • The view, with mesh window panels, which allow them to see their favourite person.

Other parent's reviews of the Bumbleride Speed Stroller:

Susan R: "I found Bumbleride by doing my research as a pregnant runner, and am familiar with other companies such as Thule and BoB. I chose Bumbleride because their stroller is a cut above any I've seen on the market. I am also very impressed with the fabrics being made from recycled bottles and their focus on being an eco friendly company. I would highly recommend this stroller to any runner! Or to anyone who just wants an all around awesome stroller!"

Kira: "My husband is the runner in the family and has mentioned many times how great a run he can have with this stroller. It's designed to be a running stroller and it performs so fantastically as a running stroller. What I did not expect was for this to become our go to stroller for going everywhere! My daughter is visibly more comfortable and relaxed in the Bumbleride Speed's seat (we have a two other higher end strollers) then any of our other strollers. Our house is also in a new development where streets and curbs are not yet flush so this has made any dog walk around the neighbourhood much more enjoyable for her as she's not constantly jostled when crossing a street since the Speed's suspension handles the curbs like a boss."

And what about the dads?... 


Pre-order yours today for delivery between 6-8 weeks.