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Baby Friendly Retail

"We offer safe, high-quality baby and toddler gear in a friendly environment on the Kāpiti Coast."

As parents we craved an easy, stressfree, shopping experience when searching for items for our babies. It was difficult to find brands we liked, and even harder to get advice from local retailers. We wanted to talk to someone, test products, and seek advice. We needed a local baby specialist and baby-friendly retailer.

Our vision is to create and maintain the most Baby Friendly Retail experience in the Kāpiti Coast (and ultimately the world). The goal is to provide an experience that ensures shopping for a baby in Kāpiti is FUN and you leave knowing you have what you need.

We're raising our whanau and loving life, and we want to help you do the same. With simple, quality products, and everything you really need for your baby under one roof. That includes our people, with experienced Child Restraint Technicians on staff.

Our Baby Friendly Retail Promise

For us, “baby friendly retail” with a high level of customer service is a basic necessity. That's what was missing for us in our community, and is what our shop delivers.

"Baby friendly retail" means valuing those who are shopping with babies in tow. It means creating a safe space and having patience both with your children and with you.

We have taken this concept and vision and really embedded it into how we do business. From who we hire (with a preference for Car Seat Techs and friendly people), through to our product range (with quality and safety put first), offers (which make life easy for parents), and our shop's layout.

We promise that if you come into our shop and your baby needs to be changed, you’ll have a change table to use in the bathroom. And if your baby is hungry, you’ll be welcome to sit and feed him or her.

The space is also available for coffee groups to use. Over time we hope to bring more parents into the shop and to become a bit of a hub and community space for local parents.

Because of that, we're keen to host talks from experts on topics parents are interested in, like baby-wearing, cloth nappies, or baby sleep. If you are an expert in this area please get in touch! We might even be able to work out a unique collaborative offer for local parents.

Overall the vibe we go for in store is relaxed and baby friendly, with an emphasis on customer service and quality products. Simple. 

If you are interested in the steps we're taking to achieve our vision, we regularly update our blog and suggest subscribing to our newsletter.

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