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Navy Baby Posting Box with 3 Posting Items

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Introducing the NavyBaby classic Posting Box with a unique twist! We adore open-ended possibilities, and this box offers plenty. This eco-friendly and durable playset is designed to grow with your child from babyhood through preschool and is sure to unleash their full potential. Your Seamless Delivery Posting Box arrives beautifully packaged, ready for a journey of discovery and imagination. 

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x Wooden Posting Box
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Sphere
  • 1 x Wooden Ring
  • 1 x Wooden Button

Endless ways to activate schemas:

  • Positioning - Arranging things a certain way. Posting things into
  • Enveloping - Covering or hiding things. Posting objects
    inside a box to hide! This can support placement skills, ordering, and
  • Object Permanence - Does this object still exist although I
    can't see it? Young children learn to understand that yes the object
    is there! The inner compartment of the box can be
    pulled right out or removed to support this learning.
  • Cause & Effect - My actions cause an event to take place. I post this ball through the
    hole and then it rolls out the bottom! How interesting!
  • Fine Gross Motor Skills - Manipulating items/objects to turn, rotate or flip and
    further post in or through.

Recommended from 10m+



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