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New Zealand's best side by side twin strollers - let's compare!

New Zealand's best side by side twin strollers - let's compare!

We recently had an expectant mum of twins reach out to us, desperate for some advice on the differences between New Zealand's top side by side twin strollers. Her questions were completely valid so we thought we'd share our guidance as a blog post for others facing the same decision.

Twin strollers: Side by Side or One on Top of the Other? 

In this case, we were talking about twins. With twins I do think a side by side stroller is a must. Why? Because you'll get longevity with it. And, you'll be more easily able to accomodate two infants. Most of the doubles that work one on top of the other require at least one child to be able to sit upright. Not viable with two infants. Further, because there is just one frame you'll tend to find the weight limit overall on the stroller is less than the doubles. Not great if you're hoping to eventually have two toddlers riding together.

What are the models we compared?

Our twin mum had done some research already, so she'd narrowed it down to a top 4 list:

  1. The Bugaboo Donkey Duo/Twin
  2. The Bumbleride Indie Twin
  3. The Mountain Buggy Duet V3
  4. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

All excellent high quality strollers, all available in New Zealand.

We went through and compared these models, mainly focussing on how the others compared with the Bumbleride Indie Twin as this is one she was most curious about as not many stores in New Zealand stock it. Read on for our comparisons!

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

How does the Bugaboo Donkey Duo/Twin Compare with the Bumbleride Indie Twin? 

Both are awesome in that they lay flat, you can add two capsules (with adapters), or you can have two carrycots - or one carrycot and one seat. Both also sit upright and have a decent weight capacity.

The key differences are:

  • Price - The Bugaboo usually costs more once you have bought all the components you want.
  • Fashion / Style - The Bugaboo Donkey Duo has more colourways and is slightly more stylish. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is nice, but certainly a different style.
  • Tyres - I believe the most up to date Bugaboo Donkey Duo has foam filled tyres. This means you do not have to pump the tyres but it results in a ride that is not quite as smooth and comfortable for the twins - especially outdoors. The Indie has air filled tyres - this means you do have to maintain them (you will receive a pump for this purpose) but it is easier to push as well, and your baby won't bounce as much.
  • Adaptability - The Bugaboo Donkey Duo has the ability to convert to a single stroller if you should ever want that, whereas the Bumbleride Indie Twin is certainly always going to be a double.Bugaboo Donkey Duo Stroller | Baby Box NZ Baby Shop

The Mountain Buggy Duet V3 versus the Bumbleride Indie Twin - What are the Differences?

These two are the most similar I would say. Both are all terrain. The price is very similar. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is slightly better for newborns (even without the carrycots) because it allows you to almost completely close off the world from a newborn, with a bassinet mode available which you can use while laying the stroller back flat.

Differences include:

  • Bassinet-mode - The Bumbleride Indie Twin's bassinet mode / enclosure option.
  • Weight limit - For older children the Bumbleride Indie Twin has a higher weight capacity. The Mountain Buggy Duet allows up to 18kg per child whereas Indie Twin is over 20kg per child.
  • Storage - The Bumbleride Indie Twin also has a bigger storage basket underneath than the Mountain Buggy Duet.
  • Ease of finding parts - However, the Mountain Buggy Duet will be easier to find parts and accessories for as a lot of stores sell Mountain Buggy Duet and a lot of parents have the Mountain Buggy Duet as well.
  • Span - The Mountain Buggy Duet is narrower so it may be easier to navigate around stores with it.
  • Handlebar Height - If you or your partner is tall, both have adjustable handlebars but there is a slightly greater range with the Bumbleride Indie Twin.Mountain Buggy Duet | Baby Box NZ Baby Shop

How does the Baby Jogger City Mini GT (Double) measure up against the Bumbleride Indie Twin?

Honestly, it's like comparing an all-terrain SUV with a nifty Honda Jazz. The key differences are lifestyle based. Consider: who are you? Where do you live? This will help you determine which of these strollers is best for your lifestyle. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is better for families who want to go on long outdoor walks, whereas the City Mini will swiftly fold up and fit in the car boot - great for city trips. Both have amazing weight limits so it really is about comparing the lifestyle fit here.

Key differences:

  • Lifestyle.
  • Fold - The Baby Jogger City Mini GT (Double) is quick and easy to fold. The Bumbleride Indie Twin has a relatively easy fold, but isn't quite as fast.
  • Frame - The Baby Jogger City Mini GT (Double) has a slightly smaller frame, which means it is easy to manoeuvre. The Bumbleride Indie Twin has a durable frame and works really well outdoors.
  • Tyres - The Baby Jogger City Mini GT (Double) has foam filled tyres whereas the Bumbleride Indie Twin has air filled tyres.  This means you never have to pump up the Baby Jogger tyres (unlike air filled tyres).
  • Comfort - The Bumbleride Indie Twin is more comfortable for the children. The fabric is softer, there's the ability to lie flat and pull the sides of the stroller up so baby is more sheltered, and the air filled tyres mean it's a smoother ride (note you will have to pump the tyres every few weeks, and you will receive a free pump for this purpose).
  • Suspension - The Bumbleride Indie Twin has incredible suspension which means less bouncing for the child inside when you go over gravel or rocks. Indie Twin is better off road and is more versatile. Baby Jogger Mini GT Double | Baby Box NZ Baby Shop

We hope this helps! What are your biggest concerns when comparing double strollers? Share below.



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