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Finally! We have Afterpay in store + so many more new updates for you!

Finally! We have Afterpay in store + so many more new updates for you!

Guess what, guess what?!? We now have Afterpay available as well as Laybuy at Baby Box! 

What is Afterpay?

Hands up who loves afterpay? #guilty

If you haven't heard of it, Afterpay is a new way to pay for things. Its really popular apparently with millennials who are more "cost conscious". We know it's definitely popular with today's parents.

Instead of paying upfront you get your purchase right away and pay it off over a number of weeks, interest free.

For Afterpay you pay in fourths, across 8 weeks. Other providers offer similar services and most of you already know we already use Laybuy in store which breaks payments down into 6 payments.

Personally we think they are both great, because it is so much easier for us and for our customers than the traditional in store layby or layaway sale where we take payment across a number of weeks and you get your purchase at the end.

For new mums and dads it can also be a lifesaver, especially when you all of a sudden need a breast pump or find your bassinet or carseat just isn't quite right for your particular child.

It took us a wee while to figure out how to offer both Laybuy and Afterpay but now we have both *dances*. There are other options out there but we definitely think Laybuy and Afterpay are more familiar with you guys.

We offer these options online and in store as well in case you're wondering.

Speaking of payment options - paywave now available! Yeah-ah!

Thanks to ANZ offering us a better rate (#shoutoutANZ) we are now able to offer paywave in store!

Did you know that paywave sometimes incurs merchant fees for businesses which are the same as credit card processing fees? It's insane and so we used to ask our customers to kindly swipe. 

However, thanks to ANZ offering a better deal to us, we're now able to offer paywave as well as of course visa, mastercard, EFTPOS and cash as per usual.

Hopefully this makes life easier when you're at the counter wrangling a little one as well as making a purchase. (There is still a very small fee for us though, so if you really want to support us with a swipe we will throw in an extra smile for free.)

New products from the Lactation Station

We've recently introduced lactation cookies into our range. Originally we didn't do any big fanfare around them, and just got our first order in and put them in the shop to see what our customers thought. 

You guys LOVED them! We sold out!! And we had people telling their friends as well as a few poor dads running in on missions just to get them... So now it's official and we've increased our stock levels. 

You'll also be pleased to know that with our second order, we informed our numbers by what was sold out off quickest the first time around. So now we have loads of the chocolate flavours ;-)

So many Maxi-Cosi Axissfix's flying out the door!

We have had the Maxi-Cosi Axissfix on special these last few months. Originally we put the Axissfix Air on special for July as part of a push to educate parents about the latest technology in car seats. We've put up a blog post on that particular model if you're interested in why a car seat has in built airbags..

Then for the latter part of August we had all Maxi-Cosi on special (there's still a few days if you're on the fence - now's the best time to buy Maxi-Cosi car seats). And we sold a tonne of Axissfix Pluses!

The Axissfix Plus is the only Axissfix model suitable from birth. For those buying them, we found there were two major reasons parents wanted the Axissfix (other than the actual features and benefits inherent in the seat which we always rabbit on about):

  1. Big cars - like we're talking utes etc. When you already have to climb up to your vehicle, having the swivel seat with the special feature that holds the straps out of the way is like GOLD. Way easier than a "convenient" capsule. Which goes to show convenience is relative.
  2. Sore backs - we also had parents with health issues buying the Axissfix. Because it's so much easier to put baby in and out, and it just stays in the car (after being installed by us), it's a healthier choice for some parents and caregivers.

Did you know we can get you Quinny?

We have had Quinny available for a little while now but we haven't done enough promo of them. They pair beautifully with the Maxi-Cosi capsules and are really quite affordable. 

We don't have a huge amount of stock on hand in the Quinny strollers but we can order you the beautiful Flex or the Xpress or a Moodd. Really affordable, really modern, really beautiful, really lovely strollers. 

Nat keeps eyeballing them because she has a toddler and wants something beautiful but easy to use in the shops as he pretty much does not want to sit in it for walks outside (he loves to run). If she wants one, we are sure there are some of you guys wanting one too so come chat.

Personal updates 

We are generally pretty positive in our updates and try focus only on the cool stuff we know you want to hear about. However, we do want you to know that we've had a few health issues in the family recently.

It's slowed us down a bit, and we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts our customers who have put up with things like slightly delayed shipments or the odd day in the past month where we have been closed.

On the bright side, we're getting through this. We've made a few adjustments too, in terms of staffing levels and so on, to help ensure that we can continue providing the best service possible.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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