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Edwards & Co Strollers: How does the New Oscar Mx compare to the popular Oscar G3?

Edwards & Co Strollers: How does the New Oscar Mx compare to the popular Oscar G3?

At the Auckland Baby Show this weekend, Edwards & Co revealed their newest stroller: The Oscar Mx. It is a beautiful redesign of the Oscar, and we were abuzz about it in our shop - and our staff have some strong opinions! The Mx won't hit stores until late October / early November, but for now we'll share our thoughts to help you decide whether to wait for the Mx (or pre-order it) or to go for an Oscar G3.

Introducing the Edwards & Co Oscar Mx Stroller

Julie is so confident this is her new favourite stroller. Her favourite features:

  • How easy it is to lift up the seat and adjust it up and down - especially for grandparents!
  • The leatherette handlebars and style of this stroller.
  • The smoother fold / unfold.
  • The larger canopy, keeping baby protected from the elements.
  • The increased storage basket.
  • Not having to pump up the tyres - ever! 




A recap on the Edwards & Co Oscar G3 Stroller

Erin feels that the Oscar G3 still is a competitive offering. She pointed out that:

  • The Oscar G3 is cheaper - especially when you account for accessories.
  • The recline lies flat, and there's no need to add in a newborn insert or carrycot if you have a newborn in there.
  • The wheels are bigger, and being air-filled will be better outdoors as they help absorb and accomodate for the unevenness of the terrain.
  • Larger wheels will be better for those who take their stroller jogging.




A complete point by point breakdown of the Edwards & Co Mx Stroller and the Edwards & Co Oscar G3:

Here's a guide Edwards & Co have put together that outlines the key similarities and differences in these strollers:

Edwards & Co Compare Oscar Mx and Oscar G3 Strollers


Let us know what you think - is there a clear winner for you?

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Sarah - November 29, 2019

How interesting, I am just tossing up what to get for a pram and have to say i cant stop going back to the new MX . Have been to Auckland this week and looked at all the options, Joolz, Mutsy, Bugaboo etc and the MX has everything at a reasonable price. The only improvement they could make would be colour options and warranty length. That’s it. Cant wait to order mine

Erama Hippolite - August 24, 2019

I agree with Erin. I have the Oscar g3 and the only new things about the mx that appeals to me is the smoother fold and bigger storage space. I feel like they put all that time and effort into making a few small changes into something that was already amazing where as I wish they did an oscar g3 for toddlers eg base, capsule/car seat and pram for toddlers

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