Wooden Playpen Super Large


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This large wooden playpen will keep your baby safe for a moment while you tend to dinner, or make a cuppa, or even...  go to the toilet!

Also great for introducing playspace to otherwise boring areas, like shop floors, or a grandparent's house of breakables. 

Parents love: 

  • How strong this is. The sturdy timber construction keeps your baby contained.
  • That it's easy to move it, and also easy to put it together. No fiddling around like a muppet - it's easy to put together the 6 simple timber panels using the 12 interlocking connecters.
  • It's adjustable for different households. Simply add additional panels or buy multiple sets to create larger playpens.
  • Your baby won't get stuck in between the bars, because the 6.5 cm gaps between bars keep things safe.
  • That you are supporting more ethical manufacturing, as this is made and designed in Australia, using Australian timber.
  • And of course - it keeps baby safe and contained, away from dangerous objects or situations (you'd be surprised just how many dangerous things they can find especially in non-baby-friendly spaces).

Detailed dimensions:

  • Made up as a Square: 77cm x 77cm x 61cm high
  • Made up as a Rectangle: 77cm x 149cm x 61cm high
  • Made up as a Hexagon: 148cm at all points x 61cm high

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