Weegoamigo Pearl Knit Monkey

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The most clever babies love cuddles. It's instinctive, it's biological, it's necessary. Cuddles simply keep babies safe, and have for centuries. 

The problem though, is sometimes mums and dads feel a little "touched out" or need to get on with other chores during the day.

A cuddly companion like this pearl knit monkey toy is perfect for little ones and for parents, as cuddles from this little guy will help soothe baby when mum or dad can't.

Parents love:

  • That your child has a little friend, whose cuddles can provide comfort in addition to cuddles from you, helping ease distress and anxiety.
  • How cute this little monkey is.
  • Knowing the soft knit won't harm baby.
  • That this toy is machine washable.

Children love:

  • Having a perfect cuddly companion and best friend.
  • The familiarity and reassurance they receive from having their special friend with them.


  • Size: 28cm high
  • Machine washable
  • Designed in Australia