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Unimom Cooler Bag and 5 Storage Bottles

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When you start expressing, you end up researching all sorts of things. There are a million websites and pamphlets on safe storage, and on how to put pumps together. But even though millions of women have expressed and transported breastmilk, do you think you could find an article on how to do it with style?

Thankfully, we have the answer: put your milk in a cooler bag, and put that bag into a nice large, super glam, handbag. Or a super functional one. Or a super sporty one. Whatever your personal style is, there's sure to be at least one large tote that suits. This cooler bag from Unimom will helpfully sit inside it and keep your breastmilk cool and fresh.

Unimom's transport cooler bag comes with two antibacterial ice pads and five breast milk storage bottles, providing you with an easy way to transport your breast milk and keep it chilled for up to 8 hours.

Mums love that:

  • This bag is so handy in size, it's job will change as your family grows!
  • Everything you need to transport your milk is included - the bag, the bottles, the icepacks.
  • The cooler ice packs incorporate antibacterial nano technology.
  • The 5 Breast Milk Storage Bottles are enough for the milk you've expressed in a typical day at the office (Can fit up to 6).