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Touchwood Deluxe Changing Mat

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The Touchwood Deluxe Changing Mat is a must have for any nursery.  In our opinion it is the best change pad on the market.

Parents love:

  • How the protective side pads help stop baby rolling off.
  • While the cushioned and luxurious mat helps support baby, providing peace of mind.
  • That the waterproof vinyl covering is easy to clean.
  • A removable towelling cover ensures the pad is nice and warm for baby, and makes it easy to clean up messes (simply remove it, and throw it in the wash). AND you get two included, so you never have to worry about your change pad cover being in the wash.

Babies love:

  • The comfortable cushioned pad is so soft - they may even fall asleep!

How big is it?:

  • 750mm (L)
  • 500mm (W)

How does it compare on price?

The Touchwood Deluxe Changing mat is the best change mat on the market. Yes, you can find other change mats and pads for less, but you won't find one of this quality at this price.

For the price you get a large, soft pad which is a perfect fit to the Touchwood change table or change tray, with protective side pads, two covers made from towelling fabric, and a handy storage PUL bag to keep it in once your baby is potty trained so that you can keep it for the next little one. 

The closest option available is $60 for a change pad with protective sides and terry cloth cover, $20 for an additional spare terry cloth cover, and you still don't get that handy packaging to store it in.