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Touchwood Changing Tray for Drawer Unit

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Want a change table, but not sure how to fit it into your nursery? The Touchwood changing tray may provide a perfect solution, as it converts a drawer unit into a change table.

Super convenient! Save your back by making it easier to change baby without bending down.

Parents love:

  • That the changing tray creates a safe clean space for nappy changes.
  • Any 4 or 5 drawer unit from Touchwood will work with the changing tray.
  • If there isn't enough space for both a change table and a chest of drawers, this tray allows you to have both a changing space and a storage space.
  • You can fit extra nappies, clothes, and wipes into your drawers so that you always have them on hand for nappy changes.

Children love:

  • Being comfortable while being changed, up high and away from other children or pets.
  • Being able to babble and coo at whoever is changing the nappy.
  • That the changing tray is large enough for them to fit comfortably.


  • Measurements: 775 mm (L), 545 mm (W), 90 mm (D).
  • Changing tray only - drawers sold separately.

How does it compare on price?

  • It's hard to say, because there aren't that many wooden change trays on the market. It's easy to find change-mats, but a tray is more secure than a mat. It provides a safe place to put your change-mat and your baby.
  • It's probably more accurate to compare the changing tray to a change table. The Touchwood change table is $479.

How much is shipping?

Please select standard shipping, which is $5 (unless you live rurally).