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Touchwood Cot Teething Protector

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Are you raising a child, or a squirrel? The correct answer is child, but my gosh do you wonder sometimes! Especially when you find those little teeth marks on your cot for the first time.

The Touchwood cot protector is made from natural calico, and helps keep your baby from gnawing on the top of the cot during teething (yes, they actually do that).

This cot protector is more hygienic than other coverings because you can easily remove and wash it. Not only does it protect your child, it also protects your cot, ensuring it stays in good condition for future babies.

Parents love:

  • That it protects their baby.
  • That it protects their cot (those things are investment pieces).

Children love:

  • That the cot protector keeps them safe.


  • 1210mm (L)
  • 125mm (H) - once folded over top rail

How does it compare on price?

You can buy other cot rail protectors for less, but those are generally made out of plastic. If your child is going to be gnawing on it (it's not that we want them to, it's just that we know they probably will...), then natural calico is probably preferable. If you agree, then the Touchwood rail protectors are the best option for your baby. Please note that we haven't been able to find other calico rail protectors - if you find some for sale in New Zealand, please let us know how they compare.

What else can you buy to help baby?

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