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The Lactation Station

The Lactation Station Cookie Premix

The Lactation Station Cookie Premix

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The Lactation Station cookie pre-mix is full of nutrients for breastfeeding woman. Bake yourself 30 delicious lactation cookies without a recipe or fancy ingredients, by adding only two pantry items to the lactation cookie premix.

The option to add either butter or coconut oil makes this pre-mix versatile for dairy and non-dairy lovers and even better: you can add your own flavour! Super delicious and packed with goodness. 

Reasons mums love the lactation station cookie pre-mix:

  • Keep your energy high, which you need to perform at your best.
  • That The Lactation Station is a New Zealand brand, run by a mum! Because we all know mums get stuff done.
  • Having a guilt free baking session and munch! 

Everyone else loves your lactation cookie recipe because:

  • They taste great! 
  • It goes a long way - makes 30 cookies!
  • If baking for a friend, you look like a total badass hero boss face.

Top ideas for yummy breastfeeding cookies you make yourself:

  • Add chocolate! YUM!
  • Make them dairy free for the intolerant by using coconut oil instead of butter. 
  • Add raisins, and extra oats (to make them go even further), and peanuts.
  • Put a dent in the top and add a dollop of jam.
  • Mix in cocoa powder for yet another flavour.
  • Add sprinkles or icing, just for fun.
  • Put the mix into a mason jar and handwrite the recipe for an excellent "homemade" gift.
  • Or make up the cookies, and present them in a beautiful box or mason jar. With icing. You could even ice them so that they look like boobies with little nipples, and present your mate with a jar of boobie biscuits. 
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