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Snuggle Bug

Snuggle Bug Bamboo Wrap

Snuggle Bug Bamboo Wrap

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Snuggle Bug Bamboo Wrap

Sensible babies love to be carried. The problem is, mums and dads sometimes have to use their arms for other things. A snuggle bug wrap is the affordable solution.

Parents love:

  • That Snuggle Bug is a Kiwi company focused on making wraps affordable for Kiwi parents.
  • Having free arms for other activities - like fixing a sandwich.
  • Allows you to interact with your other children. Grab that mischief toddler's hand while keeping baby safe.
  • The ergonomical design allows you to carry baby for extended periods of time. It's even easier than using your own arms!
  • More economical and easier to use than a pram or stroller. Especially convenient for short trips.
  • Makes breastfeeding easier because you don't have to sit and hold your baby to feed them.
  • No buttons, buckles or clips to dig into you or baby.
  • Reduces the risk of postnatal depression because you can feel close to your baby, without feeling trapped or unable to do anything else.
  • Very portable, ideal for travelling with infants.

Babies love:

  • Feeling more secure and safe (which reduces crying).
  • Feeling attached to their caregiver (which promotes strong attachment).
  • Symptoms of reflux and colic are eased.
  • That it helps them be closer to mum or dad's face which enhances emotional development and stimulates brain development.
  • Their spine is supported in the ideal position.
  • They have a reduced risk of developing flat head syndrome.
  • It's so easy to sleep, which means your baby improves their development of regular sleep patterns.
  • Babies just feel less stressed.


  • Made from 95% bamboo,5% elastane, one-way stretch material (EXCEPT for the slate colour which is 100% cotton).
  • Ideal for babies from premature/newborn up to 9 kg but tested and can be used for toddlers up to 15 kg.
  • Easy to follow instruction booklet included.
  • One size fits all.
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