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Smooch Natural Products

Smooch - Natural Shampoo Bar

Smooch - Natural Shampoo Bar

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Perfect for those with sensitive skin who want a gentle shampoo and for people trying to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging in their lives.

This magic little bar will last months and is easy to use. You can rub the bar directly onto your scalp or rub in your hands to create a small lather before rubbing into your hair. The bar lasts even longer if store in a soap dish or somewhere that it can drain after each use. 


  • Gentle
  • Can be used on babies 
  • Plastic and packaging free
  • Full of nature's goodness 

You may need to allow your hair time to adjust to using a natural shampoo bar as it can take a few uses to remove the build up from some commercial shampoo and hair products. Once your hair adjusts, most people find they do not need to wash their hair as often. 

The Shampoo Bars are made with scalp friendly ingredients and do not contain SLS or silicone.

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