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Silly Billyz Grey Rainbow Waterproof Rain Jacket

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There is no such thing as bad weather... Just bad clothing! Keep little explorers clean and dry with a Silly Billyz Waterproof Rain Jacket.


Why do parents love the Silly Billyz Jackets?

  • They are super cute and stylish, with a signature Rabbit Print polycotton lining for added comfort and softness.
  • They are practical. Windproof and waterproof, these hooded jackets are made from high quality PU which is very durable.
  • The elastic cuffs and combined zip and velcro closure keep wind and water out, and your little one protected.
  • Reflective striping aids visibility and safety.

Why do children love the Silly Billyz Jackets?

  • They are comfortable on the inside, due to the polycotton lining.
  • There's two super cool pockets on the outside for collecting treasures.
  • You stay dry! Which means more puddles to explore!
  • Teamed with the overalls or waterproof pants, you're protected from all elements.