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Safety 1st

Safety 1st Quick Read Ear Thermometer

Safety 1st Quick Read Ear Thermometer

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When your child is sick, you don't want to fumble with a complicated thermometer. Get a quick, easy, and accurate temperature reading with the Safety 1st Quick Read Ear Thermometer.

Parents love:

  • You'll appreciate the ergonomic design that is easy to hold when positioning the thermometer. This is extra helpful if you need to keep one hand free to steady a fussy child.
  • With just one button, positioned just where your finger can find it easily, the thermometer is also easy to use. Press it for one second to take a reading. The Quick Read thermometer will beep once to confirm that the reading is complete and beeps a bit longer to alert you immediately if fever is detected.
  • The large digital display is easy to read and includes icons to indicate either “normal” or “fever” temperature readings.
  • The previous temperature reading will display at startup to help you keep track.


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