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Classic World

Classic World Pull Dog

Classic World Pull Dog

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The Classic World Pull along Dog has a bone in his mouth and loves to wags his tail in delight when taken for a walk. He will soon become your child's best friend.

Parents love the Classic World Pull Dog because:

  • He is a wooden toy, and seems to last a little longer than some of the plastic toys on the market.

  • This toy will help improve your childs' fine motor skills.

  • This toy encourages walking. Pull in front of a child who can crawl, and watch their interest pique.

Children love the Classic World Pull Dog because:

  • He's a bestie!!!
  • He's really really fun to pull along behind you.
  • You can park him in many kennels... like under the bed, in a shoe box... all sorts of places.
  • He has a little bell that jingles and a little bone to snack on.
  • He is super cute.


Age: 1+

Size: 17 x 8 x 14cm

Box Size: 22.3 x 9.5 x 14.5cm

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