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Nappy Fantastic

Nappy Fantastic Thick Microfibre Booster

Nappy Fantastic Thick Microfibre Booster

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These Microfibre Boosters are thirsty! Use them to increase absorbency for nap times or for heavier wetters.

These generous inserts can be used with OSFM nappies and pre-fold nappies for an added boost - meaning you can go longer between changes or avoid accidents.

Made of 3 layers of ultra absorbent deep-pile microfiber, these will take more liquid than regular flannels and dry much faster too. The fibres draw the liquid in, and away from baby's sensitive skin.

Super easy to use and to wash. Microfiber is awesome in those early newborn days because it takes less time to dry than bamboo or other fibres.

Nappy Fantastic's inserts measure 38 cm x 13 cm which is larger than some other brands.

Price is for one insert.

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