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Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Plus Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Plus Car Seat

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The Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Plus is probably one of the coolest car-seats we've seen! And one of the easiest to install.

If you have back-problems, have had a c-section, or you simply find it a pain bending into your car to put your child into their car seat, you'll find the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus a life-saver because you can turn your child around to the side to face you, making it easier to lift them in and out of the vehicle. 

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus is a baby & toddler car seat which offers top safety and the convenience of 360° rotation, from BIRTH up to 4 years.

Parents love:

  • The simplicity and ease of putting baby safely into the seat, with 360° rotation to offer you the best ease of use ever!
  • Not having to bend as much - absolutely wonderful for mums who have had c-sections or parents or grandparents with back issues.
  • The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus goes from infant (with the padded insert), meaning you don't have to worry about when to move up from a capsule (and who wants to lug a capsule in and out of the car anyway?).
  • The AxissFix Plus combines top safety performance, by complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation (R129).
  • The ISOFIX system enables a very easy and safe car seat installation.
  • The seat offers rear-facing travel up to approximately 2 years (87cm) to enhance head & neck protection.
  • AxissFix Plus grows with your child from birth (45cm) with its cozy enveloping inlay, up to 4 years (105cm).
  • It takes only a few seconds to secure your child facing you, and switch from rearward-facing to forward-facing with just a seat rotation.
  • The covers are washable.
  • The beautiful and exclusive colours are available, which co-ordinate with other Maxi-Cosi car seats.

Children love:

  • Staying asleep while mum or dad pops them into the car (it's easier to do this with the Axissfix Plus).
  • The recline positions, for a comfortable sleep.
  • The soft padding and cosiness of their Axissfix.
  • Spinning around! As they grow older this is a huge bonus.
  • The base adds height, so when your child is a toddler they'll be able to see out the window.
  • The fun colours.

How easy is it to install?

Check out this video which demonstrates how easy it is to install the Axissfix Plus. If you buy from Baby Box we also offer free car seat installation, so can make sure you're set to collect your baby from the hospital.


Our 5 favourite details:

1. Ease of use

  • 306 degree seat rotation makes putting your baby or toddler into the seat EASY.
  • It's easy to adjust the seat belt by simply moving the headrest.
  • A central selection dashboard helps you easily switch between rearward and forward facing.
  • The height indications show you when you should switch from rearward to forward facing so there's no guess work.
  • 2 smart belt hooks keep the harness wide open and out of the way when installing baby.
  • You can adjust the harness with ONE HAND #parentingskills

2. Comfort

  • A cosy enveloping inlay ensures newborn babies are kept safe and comfortable. This is used up until your baby is 61 cm (around 4 months old).
  • The headrest adjusts into SEVEN different positions, so you will always have the perfect fit.
  • There are FOUR recline positions to the seat, which can be used both rearward facing or forward facing. This means you won't find your baby in that awful (and unsafe) forward-head-slump position when they sleep.
  • The padding cushioning on the seat, backrest and headrest cushion your child comfortably.
  • Shoulder, belt, and crotch pads help keep everything secure and in the right place.

3. Safety

  • Complies with the latest car seat regulations from Europe.
  • Rear-ward facing to approx 2 years of age for enhanced protection of your baby's head and neck.
  • Uses the Isofix system and a Top Tether for an easy and safe installation.
  • The headrest is made out of high performance impact-absorbing material, which keeps your child's head more protected in the event of a lateral impact.
  • A 5-point integral safety harness ensures your child is securely restrained.
  • Anti-slip harness pads for high restraint performance in case of frontal impact.
  • Indicators let you know your Isofix and Tether are installed correctly.

4. Isofix

  • Isofix provides a rigid, permanent connection between the child's car seat and the car chassis, so if you brake sharply or have an accident, less force impacts your child.
  • Isofix is quick and easy to install.
  • Isofix is standard in most new cars from 2006 - to see if your car has isofix, check the car manual or look in the seat for the isofix logo or label at the base of the seat.


5. Accident exchange available

  • For up to 10 years from the date of purchase, you can exchange your AxissFix Plus if it's involved in an accident for a new seat. (Note some T&C apply).
  • Read more here.

Detailed dimensions:

  • Rearward facing from 45-87 cm in height (child's height).
  • Forward facing from 76 - 106 cm (over 15 months to approximately 4 years old).
  • Compact design, fits most cars.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Expires 10 years from purchase.
How does the AxissFix Plus compare to other rotating car-seats?

We know of two carseats being sold in New Zealand that have this easy to use rotation system: the Nuna Rebl, and the AxissFix. The AxissFix is around $100 less (price checked January 2018).

We found an online review from a parent who owned one of each in the UK, and we think it provides a good overview for parents who are tossing up between the two. 


Please note that the model pictured is not the Axissfix Plus (which has the extra padded infant insert).

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