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Mama + Me

Mama + Me PostPartum Recovery Spray 15ml

Mama + Me PostPartum Recovery Spray 15ml

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Apply Mama + Me PostPartum Recovery Spray to the perineum after birth to assist recovery. Simply turn the bottle upside down and spray the affected area a couple of times to assist healing and to help soothe any discomfort.

For an extra bonus soothing effect, store in the fridge so it's nice and cool.

You will get over 225 sprays from this 15 ml vial, however, to extend the use of the spray, you can add distilled water once the spray is half empty if you'd like to.

Designed for external use. Do not drink.

Ingredients: Witch hazel extract (alcohol free), Natural aloe vera gel, kawakawa extract and Micro Db (natural preservative).

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