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Mama + Me

Mama + Me Baby Soothe Bath Soak

Mama + Me Baby Soothe Bath Soak

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Mama + me baby soothe bath soak is specifically designed to cleanse and nourish your child's skin creating an occlusive barrier helping to lock in moisture.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on their healing & anti-inflammatory properties helping to soothe irritated and inflamed skin conditions such as eczema. The soak is made in small artisan batches using only high quality and natural ingredients. 

How to use your Mama + Me Baby Soothe Bath Soak

Run a lukewarm bath. Put two heaped spoons into the muslin bag provided and let it soak while bathing. Soak baby for 10min and then gently pat dry. After bath always apply a natural moisturiser to maintain skin moisture and hydration. Rinse bag and leave out to dry and reuse.

What's in Mama + Me Baby Soothe Bath Soak

INGREDIENTS: Avena Sativa Kernel Flour (Colloidal oatmeal) with dried botanicals of Calendula petals, Chamomile flower and kawakawa leaf

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